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Planning a conference? Picking the right venue is crucial. Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, is a hub of cultural and economic activity, making it a hotspot for hosting conferences of all sizes. With many conference venues in Glasgow, here’s what to look out for when picking the perfect Glasgow conference centre.

A prime location

The location of your conference venue is key. Glasgow’s great transport links, including an international airport, extensive train services and solid public transport networks, make it an easy city to get around. Choose venues near major transport hubs or within the city centre to minimise travel time for attendees and make the event more attractive to attend. Both Ibrox Stadium and Edmiston House are close to several train stations, as well as bus stops and more public transport links, making this ideal as an accessible location for a conference.

The perfect fit

Know your event’s size beforehand and choose a venue that fits. Glasgow offers a huge range of conference spaces, from cosy meeting rooms to large halls for thousands. Consider the layout, too - flexible configurations can help tailor the space to your needs, whether it’s theatre-style, classroom or banquet seating.

Here at the Ibrox Stadium, we offer a range of conference spaces to suit your needs. From intimate rooms such as Club Cooper to more expansive areas like our Members Lounge, there’s bound to be a venue space to suit your space needs.

Top-end facilities

Modern conference venues in Glasgow should offer top facilities and amenities. Look for high-quality audiovisual equipment that’s essential for presentations and speeches. Check if the venue provides state-of-the-art projectors, sound systems and lighting. And don’t forget, reliable Wi-Fi is crucial for both organisers and an expectation for attendees. Other amenities to consider include tasty on-site catering, breakout rooms for smaller group discussions and comfortable seating.

Nearby hotels for travelling guests

For multi-day conferences, nearby accommodation is a must. Many Glasgow conference centres are close to hotels or offer on-site stay options. This convenience can greatly enhance the experience for out-of-town attendees, making it easier for them to stay close to the event.

Tech Support


Having access to technical support during the event is invaluable. Ensure the venue has dedicated tech staff on hand to assist with setting up equipment, troubleshooting issues and ensuring everything runs smoothly. This support can prevent disruptions and ensure a seamless experience for speakers and attendees.

Budget-accommodating variety

Budget matters and is understandably one of the biggest factors when it comes to choosing a conference venue. Thankfully, Glasgow has venues to suit all budgets, from luxury spaces to more affordable options. Understand what’s included in the cost - some venues offer packages that include equipment, catering and tech support, while others might charge these services separately. Account for all potential costs beforehand to avoid surprises.

A good word on the street

Always check what clients say about the venue. Look for reviews and testimonials to gauge service quality, facility cleanliness and overall satisfaction to give you confidence in your choice. Venues with experience hosting similar types of events can often give you a good idea of their capability to meet your specific needs.

Planet-friendly choices

Sustainability is no longer a nice-to-have for event organisers – it’s a crucial consideration. Look for venues in Glasgow that prioritise eco-friendly practices. This might include energy-efficient lighting, recycling programmes and sustainable food options. Hosting your event at a venue that aligns with your organisation’s environmental values can enhance your corporate social responsibility efforts and appeal to eco-conscious attendees.

The chance to make it yours

Every conference is unique. Pick a Glasgow conference space that allows for customisation, whether that’s branding opportunities, tailored menus or flexible room layouts. Personalising your event can significantly enhance the attendee experience. Have a chat with the venue’s team to ensure they can accommodate your requests.

Seamless support

Additional support services such as event planning assistance, marketing support and on-site coordinators can be a huge help. Some venues offer dedicated event planners who can help with the logistics of organising your conference, from initial planning stages to execution. This extra layer of support can relieve the stress of event management and contribute to a successful outcome.

Selecting the perfect conference venue in Glasgow involves many factors. From location and capacity to facilities and support services, each element plays a role in the success of your event. By carefully considering these aspects, you can find a Glasgow conference centre that offers an exceptional experience for your attendees and meets your event objectives. With its vibrant culture and excellent infrastructure, Glasgow is an ideal city for your next conference.


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